Mini Implants

Video Demonstration

Benefits of Mini’s….

· Simple, gentle, non-surgical procedure = Less Pain

· Cost Effective~about 1/2 the cost of traditional dental implants

· Immediate results

· Snap-in Upper & Lower Dentures

· Anchors for Dentures or Crowns and Bridges!

· Preserves bone

Mini Dental Implants were originally used to Secure  lower dentures….but they can be used for much more.  This system is now getting more acceptance for other treatment solutions in dentistry.  From replacing a single missing tooth to replacing several missing teeth to a full arch of missing teeth with a fixed porcelain bridge.

Mini Dental Implants ranging in size from  1.8mm~2.0~2.3mm~2.5mm~up to 2.9mm.  Anything over 3.0mm gets in my mind into the traditional dental implant range. Some people will state that 3.25mm is the cutoff for a conventional implant to secure a 2 piece abutment system.

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