Dr. Jarred Seid

Dr. Seid graduated from Columbia University Dental School in 1999 (undergrad at U. of Michigan) and did his residency at the Northport VA Hospital. He is married with two children. Dr. Seid enjoys traveling and tennis as time permits.

Jane, RDH

“Jaye” is our dental hygienist and has been in this practice since 1999. Jaye graduated from Northwestern University Dental School, School of Dental Hygiene in 1963 and continues to love her chosen field of hygiene. She is responsible for helping you maintain excellent oral health, as well as doing the seasonal decorations you see around the office. Jaye is married and enjoys babysitting with her precious grandsons, ages 3 and 1.


Our office manager, keeps us on our toes with the daily affairs of the office. Elayne has been here the longest, since 1987, and is our official patient greeter and patient liaison. Elayne is married and loves to travel.


Dr. Seid’s multi-talented dental assistant, is our all around staff member, filling in at the front desk as needed, co-coordinating the front and back, patient management as well as keeping the Doctors organized with their myriad of paperwork. Nancy has been here since 1998. She is married with 2 girls, an adorable toddler, Mathew, and loves to cook.


Our business manager and front desk computer expert. She is married & like Jaye, lives for her grandchildren, only she has 4 1/2 grandchildren to share her love with. In her leisure time, Marjie enjoys tennis, bridge, scrabble and making books.

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