Many Americans today cannot afford dental care. It is not included in a majority of medical insurance plans. It is an independent, additional expense. Two-thirds of the American population receive their dental benefits from their employer. A portion of people receive their benefits from government funded programs and the rest simply do not have dental insurance. Close to 80 percent of adults deem dental benefits important, but closer to 64 percent of Americans actually have dental insurance.

Even with certain dental plans, many people still have to pay a significant cost out of pocket especially when it comes to procedures like root canals or any cosmetic surgeries. About a quarter of people disclosed their fear of the dentist is what kept them from going. Some simply justify not going to the dentist because ‘their teeth didn’t hurt’. In actuality, 60 percent of people who did not make any dental visit last year, didn’t go because of the cost of going to the dentist. The fact that people are not being able to maintain a healthy mouth because of a lack of funds directly leads to the overall decline of the health of Americans.

The dental office of Beautiful Smiles of Long Island wants to help.

We accept most insurance plans. We are dedicated to helping our patients understand their insurance and we can file claims on their behalf. We want our patients to maximize their dental benefits as much as possible. If you’re paying for insurance, why not get the most bang for your buck. For anything insurance may not cover, we offer financing options and payment plans so our patients may receive the oral treatment needed. No one should have to sacrifice their oral health because of a financial situation. We are sensitive to that concern and therefore have made these options available.

If you don’t have dental insurance at all, we can also help! Beautiful Smiles of Long Island offers a free consultation for those without dental benefits. This visit includes an oral exam, a set of digital x-rays and a second opinion! The value of this is normally $250. We offer it to new patients for free. Free dental implant and periodontal consultation is also free and will include any necessary x-rays.

We have another special for any new patients. For $65 you can receive an oral exam, a set of x-rays and a teeth cleaning for $65. This is another way Beautiful Smiles of Long Island is trying to make dental health affordable to Americans. It is also important to note that these new patient offers cannot be combined with any other offers or with any insurance.

The dental office of Beautiful Smiles of Long Island is committed to helping people achieve their oral health goals with compassion and understanding. We are dedicated to ensure everyone has access to convenient and affordable dental care options. You don’t have to suffer physically or financially to keep your mouth in good health. You just have to come to the caring office of Beautiful Smiles of Long Island!